Local Dallas Professional Guitar Stringed Instrument Repairs

RESTRING/CLEAN $15 ($20 for Classical/12 string and Floyd Rose)

Don't have time for a restring or wanna learn how to do it yourself? Let us help! Our restrings include a general cleaning/polishing, polishing frets, cleaning/conditioning the fretboard, restringing and stretching to ensure tuning stability. Add an Intonation adjustment for an extra $5. 

BASIC SETUP $50 ($65 for Specialty instruments Floyd Rose)

Need a professional adjustment to get your guitar playing like a dream? Our approach to stringed instrument setups is one of the most comprehensive in the business. Our setups include everything included in our string change as well as, a neck adjustment, action height, nut slot conditioning, saddle polishing, minor fret work (if needed), cleaning of electrical components, intonation, setup profile page and a 30 day guarantee. 


Over time the frets on a stringed instrument start to show signs of wear from playing. If you're noticing that certain notes aren't ringing out as clear as they used to or the sustain has become affected by the frets flattening out, then maybe it's time to consider a fret dressing. We exercise the utmost care for your instrument during this procedure. Every fret is checked after the initial level to a thousandth of an inch, then we crown the frets using machinist techniques to ensure the best possible sustain and clarity in the final product an finally we polish every fret to 6000 grit micro finishing papers ensuring that there is the least amount of drag while performing string bends. Every fret dressing includes a setup. 



Looking to increase sustain and strengthen the tone of your instrument? Our custom hand made bone nut is specifically tailored for each individual instrument to ensure a perfect fit. We use locally sourced cow bone that has been treated to withstand the pressure of guitar strings over long periods of time as well as increase tone transferability to truly allow your guitar to sing. Inquire about other materials such as antler, buffalo horn and more. 


Looking for a great way to increase the volume and tonal quality of your acoustic guitar? Our hand crafted bone saddles are custom fitted to each guitar. The overall sound and volume of an acoustic guitar starts where the strings meet the saddle. We offer compensated and uncompensated options depending on what your needs may be. 

REFRET $225+

In the instance that your frets become to short to perform a fret dressing, you may consider a refret. Changing frets on a guitar can also help with playability and tone. Our approach to refretting a guitar is extremely cautious and meticulous. Please reach out if you would like more info on specific pricing or have any questions or concerns about a refret. 



Pickup Install- $25+

Pot Replacement- $15 

Switch Replacement- $20

Jack Replacement- $10

Acoustic Under-Saddle Pickup Install- $85

Acoustic Soundhole Pickup Install- $30

Coil Tap, Push/Pull Pot, Kill Switch etc. -$20+

Full Rewire- $75+

(Parts not included in pricing)

Hardware Replacements

Tuning Machine Install- $20+

Strap Button/Locks Install- $10+

Pickguard Swap/Install- $15+

Pickup Rings/Covers- $15+

Aftermarket Nut- $20+

Bridge Install- $35+​

(Parts not included in pricing)