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private lessons

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Archies has professional experienced instructors on various instruments and styles including guitar, bass, keyboards, banjo, ukelele, mandolin and more! We have two fully setup private lesson rooms with a one-way mirror window so parents can check in if desired. 

Flat monthly rates are $149.99 a month for one set 30 minute lesson per week. 

To make a monthly payment for an existing student click "Pay Now"


Harrison Stringer


-Guitar     -Song Writing  



-Drum Machine

           Harrison Stringer is a Dallas based musician with years of experience teaching as well as a full decade of experience playing in the DFW music scene. As a graduate of Booker T. Washington, Harrison is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to instrumental focus and is extremely versatile in terms of genre and technical application. Harrison currently performs and writes in the local band "Pastel Dynasty"; an experimental trio with an emphasis on percussive synthesizers and drum machines. 




Richard Butler





-Music Theory


As a Dallas native, Richard has been playing and teaching guitar for about 15 years. He studied music for three years at Richland community college in Dallas focusing on guitar performance. Currently Richard is doing repairs and teaching lessons at Archie's while playing bass and guitar in multiple projects. If there is a style or instrument you have an interest in there is a spot at Archie's for you. -



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